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Office Visit Complete is the Electronic Medical Records system that puts the small to medium-sized practice in control. Designed by a team of doctors and experienced software developers, OVC covers every aspect of patient history, testing, medication and examination data, yet is easy to use. It records all charts, notes and x-rays, and keeps them logically organized. With standard point-and –click interaction, simple keystroke data entry and intuitive categories, OVC improves workflow, patient care and profitability.

Office Visit Complete gives you and your staff instant, detailed access to all examination and treatment data, making it easy to substantiate an insurance claim or contest a denial. Additionally, OVC guides you logically through a complete examination and history verification, allowing you to deliver more comprehensive care to your patients and, when appropriate, bill to the higher category. Any additional charges, such as injections, drawing and surgical trays, are also recorded, allowing you to determine, and justify, the fair Evaluation and Management charges. Your income per visit increases, along with the level of care, and your records support the augmented coding.

With Office Visit Complete, you can access your patient records from any Internet connected computer. Your data is housed in our secure, password protected server, available to you or your staff anytime day or night. Our servers, which are dedicated to OVC clients exclusively, feature the latest patches and employ the same time tested security protocols used by financial institutions. Patient confidentiality is assured. Additionally, you don’t have to invest in hardware – a significant savings – or worry about crashes, breakdowns or backing up your data. Our robust and dependable system does it for you, including automatic backups, virus protection and around the clock maintenance.

Knowledge and experience are the cornerstones of patient care, but Office Visit Complete helps you do an even better job. It guides you through examinations, reminding you of questions you may forget during the course of a busy day. It alerts you to past problems, allergies, prescriptions, test results, family history and every other component of a patient’s health profile. OVC also allows you to make notes in any part of the patient profile. Once entered, all the data is available to you anytime, anywhere.

Along with history and examination data, OVC allows you to import, or scan in, all charts, documents and x-rays. During an examination, or whenever you need them, any patient records are only a few mouse clicks away. This feature can deliver significant savings in terms of storage, office floor space and staff hours. Entering patient examination data is easy; even past documents can be entered into the system by one of your staff. As you continue to use OVC, it builds and organizes an all-inclusive patient legacy, streamlining your practice and empowering you to provide your best care.

Office Visit Complete delivers in total patient care by providing a means for patients to take their records along when they travel or see other health care providers. Records can be copied to a small USB Flash drive as a printable PDF file, which in turn can be read by other computers. If a patient needs access to his medications while out of town, or needs to see another doctor, all data is readily available. Small enough to fit into a pocket, these drives with their wealth of valuable information, can be of monumental importance to a patient.

As we talked to doctors, we learned that the largest single issue standing in the way of “going digital” was the learning curve. Office Visit Complete has virtually eliminated the painful growing pains associated with using a new system by developing proprietary software that works with you, the way you are used to working, with the data organized in a logical way. It’s fast, with no complicated menus to sort through or confusing commands to learn. Doctors find that working with OVC is actually quicker than writing longhand, but, if you prefer, a touch screen or voice activated software can be configured. You and your staff will find the conventional, Windows based interface already familiar and the system simple to integrate into your practice.

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