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Don’t let the ease of use fool you. Office Visit Complete is a powerful, dynamic system, developed from the ground up to enhance the way doctors practice medicine by providing all data at all times, comprehensive and portable, while advancing patient care and increasing revenue.

Below are screen shots of some of the pages in OVC. Click on an image to view.

See vital statistics, and those from past exams, on the same page you record data from the current exam.


Most common tests are included in OVC, with space to record any others you may order. At a glance, you can see up to seven past sets of results, and any prior to that are one click away.


Password protected for each member of your practice, with levels of access decided by you. You can get to your patient records anytime, from anywhere.

This page contains all personal and insurance information and leads you to all histories and visit information.

Here you can enter or import surgery documents, procedures, labs, medications, x-rays and other records. OVC allows you to store x-rays and charts on the server, and add notes to the page. All information becomes part of the patient’s legacy data and is stored in the system.

See all prescriptions, immunizations, allergies and more. Also, family and personal history are stored here.


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